Friday, December 1

So long and Thank you.

So Long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night....

Sniffle - oh how I will miss you, A Taste of Red - with your vibrant wine glass, sounds of my favorite song (THE taste of red) ringing in my ears. With your slighly cluttered but lived in feel. And with your archives filled with nonsense past.

My new blog is up and running! It is bittersweet, I must admit. But I am looking forward to posting with some regularly again and engage onece more without the fear of censorship or termination.

And I just want to say...thank you, darling readers of red. Thank you all for your support, help, advice, humor, comments and friendship. I would have never ever thought when I jumped into the DC blogging pool ya'll would not only teach me to swim but keep me afloat.

Who'd have thought I'd meet some of the most amazing people and be lucky enough to now call many of them friends. Please permit me to say a special thank you to:

HP - I am in perpetual awe of you. Your strength, your humor, your talent. There's no one else I would rather sit in a smokey corner and trade bitchy (but funny) observations with. I'm so lucky to have you as part of my life.

Tink - My darling blog twin and fellow cinema junkie. Who else would help me sneak out of the back of a restaurant to get away from a bad date on a moment's notice and then run into your ex-fiance who I made out with many moons ago and who happens to be the best friend of 'the little sh*t' that almost got me fired! Just remember - it's all about following the lessons that lifetime television teaches us.

Allen - My vino guru. Thank you for being a sponge to soak up my rants and reassurance that nice guys do exist.

66 - Without the cajoling I'd have never had the guts to step out from behind the blog. I'm so glad I did. Thank you.

Travel Girl - Woman, there are no words. Just 'cheers to that.'

VK - My movie buddy. Who knew such a cool guy could really be so sweet?

Last and NEVER least my fellow redheads - I'm still with ya gals - just gimme time to find my grove over there.

Bug Hugs! Please update your links give me a week or so and yours will be up and running as well.

See you around and feel free to email me at for links to the new site!
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